Referral Partners - Terms of Agreement

Project PISPCO is an accessible food bank; food parcels are delivered direct to the residents, and its purpose is to supply food to those who cannot access food banks in the usual way.

It is the responsibility of the Referral Partner to complete the necessary checks to ensure the referred client is suitable for the project.

Voucher numbers will be issued in batches, the first batch will be issued on acceptance of the Referral Partner to the scheme by Tees valley Together.

Subsequent batches will be issued on request. Tees Valley Together will not chase individual Partners for additional requirements.

Requests for more vouchers will only be accepted from the named individuals on this form.

Vouchers will be issued in batches of 20.

If your organisation requires more than 20 vouchers in each batch, Tees Valley Together will agree with the individual Partner an increased number of vouchers to be issued.

When your organisation issues a voucher to a client, you can complete the online referral form on their behalf, or they can do it themselves. The website is Once on the website, the form can be found under the ‘Parcel Request’ tab.

By signing this form, you agree to the above terms.

By signing this form, you confirm that all information provided is, to the best of your knowledge, correct and that you have the authority to sign up to the referral scheme on behalf of your organisation.