Introducing Tees Valley Together

Tees Valley Together was established in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Tees Valley, like many areas, has been hit hard by the virus, especially with a lot of the area already struggling with poverty and many families living in deprivation and economic hardship.

Our initial plan was to support residents with getting through the pandemic and the first lockdown. As a team we soon realised Covid-19 was something that was going to be here for a long time, which meant, we were too. We plan to support the residents of the Tees Valley through the current situation, the recovery and beyond.

The TVT Journey

Tees Valley Together started as a Facebook Group, predominantly as a means of signposting to services that were needed during lockdown. We would help with locating items such as baby milk, medication, grocery deliveries and much more. The requirement for food support grew and so in response to that growing need we developed our food service provision.

We soon became a Constituted Community Group. The primary purpose of the group was to help the residents of Tees Valley through the pandemic of Covid-19. Even beyond the pandemic, the group will continue supporting vulnerable residents across the region in any way we can.

The aim of the group is:

  • Help and support the people of Tees Valley
  • Get people what they need, when and where they need it.
  • Support our Tees Valley key workers whenever we can.
  • Assist with locating essential items.
  • Support group for those who are alone.
  • Help parents with ideas for children.
  • Bring the community together.
  • A place for people to connect.

What are our short-term plans?

On a day-to-day basis we are supporting the local community wherever possible. By working with many local organisations and schools we aim to help with the eradication of food poverty.

All of our food provision is supplied on a referral only basis. The referral partner receives the request from the person/s requiring the food parcel and then completes an online form which comes directly to us over at HQ. We then make up their parcel and deliver it directly to the family in need.

We want to do so much more though, and we know that there are more residents in the area who need our help, that’s why we’re working harder than ever to increase our reach and grow the provision of our services across the Tees Valley by developing relationships with community organisations throughout the region and increasing the number of referral partners we have. This is one of our key priorities and will be included in our Strategic Plan, due to be published by July 2021.

If you are interested in signing up as a partner, please visit the sign up form. For more information in becoming a partner, please email

What does the future hold for Tees Valley Together?

Tees Valley Together is here to stay. Even once we’re through the other side of the pandemic, our support services will remain in place. Our desire to support the vulnerable residents of Tees Valley and make sure they are safe hasn’t changed and we will continue to work towards growing the provision of our services.

Our long-term goal for Tees Valley Together is to help bring the voluntary sector together across the Tees Valley to be able to deliver even more services to those in need. We are stronger when we work together.


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